WWOMP The Smarter Real-Time Classifieds

WWOMP The Smarter Real-Time Classifieds

WWOMP, an acronym for “Worldwide Open Marketplace”, can be a new global online social marketplace which brings a unique, progressive, interesting and fun method to buy, sell and get almost anything you want with folks around you.


WWOMP will be the way forward for mobile money and markets. WWOMP is redefining the way people earn money, by either offering a service or exchanging services or goods. WWOMP earns serious cash as you sleep. Users of WWOMP can WWOMP anything, anytime and anywhere once they have access to the internet or WWOMP’s mobile Apple or Android applications which are coming soon and which can be downloaded free of charge in the Apple iTunes Store or even the Android Marketplace once available.

WWOMP was developed using the concept that we all need something, we’ve heard it all too often when individuals say “I’d pay £££ for XYZ”. This is exactly what WWOMP is approximately - it’s a buyer-driven marketplace that connects consumers in their district.


It’s a fresh type of marketplace that turns the original buying and selling model as we know it on it’s head. Usually, when you need something - you shop around online or in spending budget - occasionally buying something you didn’t think you wanted or needed! With WWOMP you specify what you need and also the sellers come into your possession!

It makes way for individuals and small enterprises to buy and then sell products and services they couldn't know were on the market.

What is going to you WWOMP?

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